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Well, i've been using imacros since about 3 days and i am really impressed, its an amazing extension, but now im having this issue: i .

I am running an imacros macro that navigates a web site and saves a page to a file. With over 9 million downloads, imacros is the world's most popular web automation, data extraction and web testing software. I'm using a simple script as follow: url saveas type=htm. This tag is automatically translated into comma when using the saveas type=extract command. So, i'm currently working on an imacros script, and came to this error.

May 13,  · welcome to the imacros user forum search forum ; faq ; problem with saveas in csv format problem with saveas in csv format. When doing a: filedelete name= or saveas type=extract folder= we can specify a folder. You can add parts to the original file name by using the + syntax (see.

The saveas command can save different information to a file. Macro code version build= tab t=1 set!replayspeed medium tab closeallothers tab t=1 url goto=www.wwwwar.rus. The demo-saveas macro will go to, save the front page in all four formats cpl (complete web page), mht (web archive format), htm (html.

A key activity in web automation is the extraction of data from websites, also known as web scraping or screen scraping.

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